Creating an HTML Table

Creating an HTML Table, HTML Tables tab

What is HTML tables?

Tables are one of the most useful tools in a web developer’s toolbox. Tables can be used to help align your page or just to organize data. If you are ever questioning how to get something aligned always go with a table.

How to create HTML tables?

To create a table you must first start with your basic start tags as in all web pages. Once you have completed this then you may proceed by adding the table. This creates your table. Once you have created it you may customize it by changing the color with the basic border color and background color attributes or by changing the size of the border by setting it border attribute to anything greater than zero.

If you leave the border size zero then you will not be able to see the table but it will still be there to help align any material on your webpage. If you make the border size greater than zero then you will be able to see the table making it more applicable for arranging data.
Now to put stuff in you table you can add the table row tag witch is tr or the table data tag witch is td. Table rows are obviously rows in your table and table data refers to the columns in the row. In the td or tr tags you can add the colspan or rowspan to specify how many rows the row or column will take up. For example in row one if one of your table datas has a colspan of 2 then it that td will be the same size as the two table datas below it put together and the same for rows. The only thing you will see in the table on your actual webpage would be the letters or images that you put inside of the td tags. Another tag that is less important to the table is the table heading tags referred to in code as th. Th is the heading of what ever row it corresponds with.
When you need to get things aligned properly on your web page I said to use a table. If you need to move something to the right then you can add one or multiple space by adding witch is the code for a space in the td tag to the left of what ever you are moving. This is a rather long and tedious process but it is simple.

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