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There are thousands upon thousands of web pages on the internet, a lot more than you could possibly begin to imagine, and among the large masses of people surfing these web pages, a large majority haven’t a single clue about how in the world these web pages are made. There’s no doubt in my mind that these people have wondered and asked about the sources of these web pages, but most of their questions are left unanswered simply because they don’t know where to look for answers. The truth is a majority of web pages consist of using something called “HTML.” In this article, I’ll attempt to explain exactly what HTML is and introduce readers to an entirely new world that could potentially open doors for new hobbies, careers, or even lifestyles.

What does HTML mean?

what does html mean
what does html mean

HTML is an acronym that stands for “Hyper Text Markup Language.” I know, it sounds extremely complicated and beyond grasp at first glance, but it’s much more simple than what it’s made out to be. HTML is nothing more than a script used to describe how a web page will be displayed; a set of rules that the internet browser follows. It tells it, for example, what text to display, the color, size and style of said text, where images go and how big they should be, etc. etc. HTML does this by using “tags,” or codes that instruct a web browser how to display elements (text, images, graphics, etc.)

Feature of HTML

The more appealing feature of HTML is the fact that it is so simple to use. For the willing learner, understanding HTML isn’t a troublesome task at all, and the more time they spend learning and reading about it, the more it becomes manageable. There are hundreds of tutorials and guides on how to use HTML on the web, and as soon as you dive in for yourself you’ll see just how easy it is and will come to realize just how much you were missing out on. HTML doesn’t require you to memorize a long list of rules, and you’ll be able to create simple web pages within your first five minutes of learning. As you continue to learn and develop, you’ll be able to add on to your web pages. In other words, you don’t have to wait until you know every little detail to begin creating web pages, it’s a layered system that appeals to beginners just as well as it does to veterans.

Best website for HTML Beginner

If you’ve been convinced that learning HTML really is harmless, I’ll point you in the direction that will get you started. The tutorial I used to get me off on the right foot is the “Learn HTML” tutorial provided by W3 Schools at:

If you find that one to be a bit too difficult, another helpful tutorials is the “HTML Beginner Tutorial” found on HTML Dog at: These two tutorials should get you started without problems, and after you’ve completed them you can move on to more advanced, yet just as simple tutorials to broaden your horizons.

Udemy offers training and education for a wide variety of subjects, but for the purposes of our audience, we’ll cover Udemy’s web development, web design, and app development topics. Udemy has a library filled with more than 25,000 courses, and currently there are well over 6 million students enrolled. Udemy is Running a Massive Sale where you can get any course for just $10.

Team Treehouse is an online education platform helping you learn the needs needed for your new job in web design/web development. With the amount of content that Team Treehouse add I find it good value for money. There’s always something new to learn and practice. Their style of main videos as a form of teaching goes down well with me as it’s my preferred method of learning.


Don’t be afraid to mess up, either. Part of the learning process is trial-and-error, and it’s normal to mess up due to simple mistakes such as typos or misplaced tags, etc. Just keep going at it and you’ll eventually catch a hold of HTML. Once you learn it you’ll have added an invaluable skill to your collection. I hope this article helped begin your HTML journey!

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